Teeth Whitening in Watertown

Common causes of teeth stains in Watertown

Teeth whitening in Watertown

Teeth whitening in Watertown

Teeth whitening is a popular practice. Many people experience tooth enamel discoloration and are bothered by the stains that mar their smiles, so turning to teeth whitening helps plenty of individuals feel better about their appearance. As common as teeth whitening is, not many people realize just what causes tooth stains. Here at Johnson Creek Dental Group we can provide you with teeth whitening in Watertown as well as tell you more about common causes of tooth stains and how to avoid them after your treatment.

While toothpaste and mouthwash can help everyday surface stains and prevent them from occurring, they do not have the power to make much of a difference if your teeth are already stained, though some people experience minor differences or improvements in the color of their enamel. The problem with options like gel kits and whitening strips is that many people experience adverse reactions like pain, sensitivity, and uneven results. This is why professional teeth whitening is always the best option when it comes to improving the color of teeth significantly. Here at Johnson Creek Dental Group one of our cosmetic dentists can take a look at your teeth, identify any specific stains or areas of discoloration and determine exactly how an issue like this can be solved with the use of professional dental bleaching. When your teeth are whitened professionally, you have more control over your results, the procedure is guaranteed to be pain-free and your results are sure to satisfy. You can return for touch-ups when you need to and we can tell you more about how to maintain your results between these visits.

Things like coffee, tea, wine, sports drinks, soda, candy, berries, tomato sauce, and other foods with strong pigmentation are likely to cause stains the more you eat these items. Staying on top of your dental health and oral hygiene can help too, and you should remember to stay away from smoking or other forms of tobacco use. For teeth whitening in Watertown, all you have to do is visit us here at Johnson Creek Dental Group.

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