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Gum disease in 53038

Dental office 53038
Dental office 53038

Your gums deserve the same level of care as your teeth do. And here at Johnson Creek Dental Group, our priorities for you include the prevention and treatment of gum disease. As the foundation for your teeth, it is essential that your gums are strong, vibrant, and pink. Our dental office in 53038 will work toward that goal.

Avoiding gum disease starts at home with your commitment to brushing after meals and vigorous flossing once per day. The point is to remove as much plaque as possible. It is plaque that is the root cause of both tooth decay and gum disease. And to the extent that you eliminate it from your mouth, the greater the odds are that you will promote your optimal oral wellness. Unfortunately, some plaque will avoid the reach of your toothbrush and dental floss, hiding in gum pockets, and hardening into tartar, which can only be removed with a professional cleaning that you can get at our dental office in 53038. We recommend it every six months as part of your regular dental exam. The signs of gingivitis, early stage gum disease, are generally mild, such as redness and irritation. A teeth cleaning will halt the progress of gum disease and reverse its effects. Otherwise, the advanced stage of periodontitis will result. Along with it, you could possibly expect receding gums, persistent bad breath, bleeding gums when you brush, loss of gum and bone tissue, and even loose teeth. Scaling and root planing, a more deeper and invasive cleaning is required to combat such symptoms. Severe or recurring instances may even need gum surgery to shorten deep gum pockets that are a haven for bacteria.

Make sure that you look after your gums, both at home and with regular visits to our dental office in 53038. Call us today and schedule your appointment for a dental exam and cleaning.

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